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Storz Power’s AI+ technology enables you to do more with less. This technology allows the battery to work smarter not harder, where the energy storage performance and efficiency is unsurpassed. Storz Power is the perfect solution for your home, regardless of size. Find the right AI+ package for you.

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Identify the right package for you. First, determine which home appliances you want to work during a power outage and add up the amps.

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Getting the right package depends on how many total amps you need in 120 volts or 240 volts. Select the voltage below to see the capabilities of each AI+ package.

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Storz Power is Unique

Storz Power has a few things that make us different from the others. Intelligence, safety, efficiency, sustainability, energy independence, and flexibility are important to us to deliver to our customers. Click on each feature to see what makes us stand out from the rest.

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Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Charge Temp Range: 32°F to 131°F
Discharge Temp Range: 14°F to 131°F
(best between 77°F to 87°F)

LFP is one of the safest chemistries for home battery storage in the market today. Compare LFP to Lithium-Ion, NMC (partially charged carbon), or lead acid and you’ll find significant safety and environmental differences.

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Energy Capacity

5 to 840 kWh
100% depth of discharge
98% round trip efficiency

Storz Power’s smart batteries are intelligent, efficient, cost saving, safe, reliable, and allow users to be energy independent.

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9 kW – 108 kW continuous
16 kW – 192 kW peak for 10s

12 kW – 144 kW continuous
24 kW – 288 kW peak for 10s

The inverter power outputs are unsurpassed. They accommodate AC & DC coupling, eliminates the need for additional conversion equipment, and reduces power losses.

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  • Stack 1-12 inverters per home
  • Stack up to 14 batteries in parallel per inverter
  • Control as many electrical panels as needed with Smart Access technology. (Up to 12 breakers per Smart Access Controller).

Storz Power’s expandability is what makes us one of the most flexible, efficient, and cost effective ESS solutions available to the public.

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Size & Weight

Battery Cabinet:
37” x 19.5” x 11” @ 115 lbs.
12K Inverter:
30” x 18.3” x 10” @ 78 lbs.
15K Inverter:
31.8” x 18.3” x 10.9” @ 135 lbs.

Most other ESS systems with LFP are large and extremely heavy. Storz Power AI+ packages boasts small size and weight.

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Smart Access

  • Choose where you want to use your energy
  • Turn appliances off & on using the app
  • Access up to 200 amps (depending on which AI+ package you purchase)
  • Control up to 12 breakers per Smart Access Controller

You won’t find this capability anywhere else.

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Generator & Solar Ready

2 MPPT’s | Max DC Voltage of 500V

3 MPPT’s | Max DC Voltage of 500V

The inverter is solar (AC & DC coupling) and generator ready. This enables charging the batteries using solar, generator, grid, or all three simultaneously.

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Essential Load Support

12K INVERTER: 4ms Transfer Time

15K INVERTER: 5ms Transfer Time

UPS rated. We can cover your essentials in an emergency. We can provide power for just your essentials or for your entire house. It truly is up to you how much you want to be able to power in your home in an emergency.

Safe. Flexible. Clean. Powerful.

The Storz Power battery and inverter matched with the Smart Access Controller are what makes our AI+ packages the most flexible and powerful energy storage systems that exist today.

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