Storz Power is proud to be the first energy storage system manufacturer to integrate with Enerflo, a leading business automation platform in the solar industry, and create a Solar Proposal Tool.

This new integration will allow sales reps to easily configure and sell our AI+ energy storage systems through Enerflo’s solar proposal tool called Optimus. With required certification training and an easy-to-use interface, sales reps will be able to customize the right Storz Power AI+ battery package for customers and calculate the total cost– all from within Optimus.

About Enerflo

Enerflo is a platform for the Solar Industry, purpose-built for Installers/EPCs and Sales Dealers to deploy more solar through sales and business automation; ultimately lowering the cost of solar through platform efficiency. Installers rely on multiple tools from lead to install; Enerflo connects them all together in one, cohesive sales and install platform. Check out Enerflo’s press release to read more about their role in the new tool integration.

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