Sol-Ark Storz Webinar

Unlocking Efficient Energy Independence for Homeowners and Installers

Discover how Storz Power’s Battery and AI+ Technology combined with Sol-Ark’s Inverter revolutionizes
the concept of Whole Home Backup, enabling homeowners to achieve new levels of energy
independence and significant cost savings. The Storz Power AI+ Technology enhances system
performance by continuously analyzing energy consumption patterns and optimizing energy usage
between the Storz Power Batteries and the Sol-Ark Inverter. The Storz Power White Glove Service and
energy storage systems are designed to create a more efficient install process to keep overall costs low
to the homeowner and installer.

In this webinar you will learn about:
– Storz Power Batteries
– Storz Power AI+ Technology
– Sol-Ark Inverters
– Sol-Ark Optimizers
– Install Process: how we make it faster and easier
– How to Configure a System
– Storz Power AI+ packages
– Lead Generating Strategies
– How to Become Certified with Storz Power

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